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Analyze and report on your purchase history

You can analyze and report on your web-based purchase history using the Customer Purchase Analysis (CPA) set of reports.

Note: Customer Purchase Analysis is an additional module. If you do not have this option, and you would like more information, contact your seller.

Report descriptions

Report Description Example
Item Totals Displays all items ordered, including item number, description, last ship date, shipped lines and quantity, unit of measure, and total dollar amount.
Item Totals by Location Displays the same information as above, but groups the information by Ship To Location.
Location Monthly Activity Shows the total per month, average month, and total overall for the selected location.
Location Totals

Shows the total dollars per location, including the number of orders processed, the average order size, and budget information, if applicable.

Toggle between the table and a pie chart.

Orders by Location Displays orders by invoice number and date, customer, total. lines invoiced, and total quantity shipped.
Product Line Item Totals

Displays items sorted by product line. Includes the total dollar amount and quantity of each product and subtotaled product line.

Toggle between the table and a pie chart.

Product Line Item Totals by Location Displays the product line sales categorized by ship to locations. For each product line, you will see the quantity of products and the totals.
Product Line Location Sales Activity Displays a summary of the total sales by product line.
Product Line Monthly Activity Graphs the total sales per month by product line so you can compare product line sales on a monthly basis.
Web Category Item Totals

Total sales and percentage by assigned web category.

Toggle between the pie cart and the table view.

Web Category Item Totals by Location Total sales by category, further sorted by the ship to locations. The total dollar and quantity for each product appears.
Web Category Location Sales Activity Displays sales of products by web category, sorted by ship to location.
Web Category Monthly Activity Graphs the total sales per month by web category so you can compare category sales on a monthly basis.


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